Residential Rehab in Marbella, Spain

Rehab Marbella

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Marbella

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  • Luxury? Yes
  • Licensed Hospital? Yes
  • Location: Near Sea
  • Psychiatrist? Yes
  • Year Opened: 2010
  • Listing type: Rehab Clinics
  • Parking: Assigned
  • Neighborhood: Marbella

Residential Rehab Clinic in Marbella, Spain

The feeling on tranqility and the calm enviroment is what brings people from all across the world to Rehab Marbella. With 12 private rooms and some of them vip standard rooms you can be sure of luxury and privacy.

At Rehab Marbella we are committed to your total health and Recovery! Thats why we do much more than just treat addiction. We believe in a holistic addiction treatment approach. Our highly credentialed staff will work with you to heal your whole self through integrated physical, social, emotional, and spiritual therapeutic work.

We also treat illnesses that often co-occur with addiction (dual diagnosis). Most common among those illnesses are depression, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder. Most of all, we will help you to tear down the frustrating barriers that have stopped you from living a life of health and recovery.

Most people do not experience addiction in isolation. Often, there are underlying illnesses or individual core issues which need to be worked through in order to be successful at the process of recovery. We believe that recovery is a process. It takes time. It also requires the help of people who know addiction and the steps that you are going to need to take in order to start on the recovery path. Rehab Marbella has the expertise and experience to get you started on that path. Give us a call today to find out how we will help.

Rehab Marbella is designed to treat a diverse community of individuals and their families struggling with addiction. Specifically, we are able to treat gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) clients, executives, politicians, clergy, lawyers, physicians, pharmacists who are in need of a private, highly individualized program with access to your Doctors, counselors, personal trainers, and support staff. We treat young adults, women and men in mid-life and older adults needing specialized care while working on their addiction issues.

The environment at Rehab Marbella creates an atmosphere that is positive and contagiously affirming. Whether you are learning meditation techniques, exploring your core issues with your individual therapist, enjoying the culinary delights prepared by the house chef, receiving a therapeutic massage, taking a hike through the trail, or meeting your personal fitness goals, Rehab Marbella provides you with the structure, consistency and clarity needed for you to have a sustained recovery.

Rehab Marbella helps you get your life back on track! You need to continue to become the creative, productive and loving person you were prior to struggling with your addiction.

Our On-Going Treatment Commitment

We see a lot of people coming from across the globe so local continuation of treatment is not always possible. When you stay for the 28 day long rehab program we also include in the original price some follow up by phone, skype or facetime so you will never be alone in your journey. Please call us for more details on our commitment to your lasting recovery.

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Rehab Marbella is a British owned and operated drug, alcohol and mental health center.

Location of The Rehab in Marbella, Spain

Rehab Marbella Map

7 min (5.1 km) via Autovía del Mediterráneo/A-7 from Puerto Banus

14 min (13.2 km) via AP-7 and Autovía del Mediterráneo/A-7 from Marbella

22 min (22.6 km) via Autovía del Mediterráneo/A-7 from Estepona

55 min (65.5 km) via AP-7 from Gibraltar

53 min (70.7 km) via AP-7 from Malaga

We will collect you from Malaga/Gibraltar Airport


Just call and speak to the English speaking advisor to find out more.


Contact us for more info about English speaking residential addiction or mental health rehabilitation in Marbella.

Centrally located in Marbella the addiction rehabilitation clinic is ideal for those living in Estepona, Marbella and all of the Malaga Province or around that area..

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